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A community of women connecting with the moon as it waxes & wanes, in the sky and within us.

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"Attending Women of the Moon has been a truly magical experience for me. I felt immediately at ease in the warm, inviting space that Lauren held for us. Her equally warm and welcoming energy never failed to inspire and uplift me in these sessions. I also felt a strong sense of sisterhood within the group, which was enhanced by the regular WhatsApp messages and prompts from Lauren and the group. I am incredibly grateful for such a wonderful experience that I truly believe has been life-changing. Thank you so much, Lauren. And thank you Women of the Moon."

~ Kate ~

FIRST NEW MOON CIRCLE - 4th September 2024 in STROUD

Our connection to the moon runs deep, transcending time and culture. Often celebrated as a symbol of the divine feminine, the moon's ever-changing phases reflect the dynamic nature of a woman's life. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, so do we experience cycles of growth, release, and renewal. This connection fosters a sense of unity with the natural world, reminding us of their inherent strength and intuition. Whether as a source of guidance, a spiritual muse, or simply a comforting presence in the night sky, the moon serves as a timeless companion to us, enhancing our sense of self, spirituality, and inner wisdom.

In the spirit of fostering a deep sense of connection and empowerment, Women of the Moon offers a nurturing space for women to come together and synchronise with the mystical phases of the moon. By joining this circle, you will be welcomed into a supportive community where you can explore the profound connection between your inner self and the lunar rhythms. Through open-hearted sharing, journalling, meditations, sound healings & community, you will have the opportunity to enhance your intuition, embrace your divine feminine energy, and form lasting bonds with fellow sisters. Together, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth, allowing the moon to be our guiding light in the exploration of our own unique paths.

Who do you want to be? How are you holding yourself back from living in your truth? Women of the Moon will be a journey of aligning with your true authenticity and connecting with like-hearted women. I love the moon, I love watching all the different phases and feeling into the energies and so I felt it would be wonderful to weave a web of women, a space where we can work towards the dreams and ideals we have for our lives, to be kept accountable and to have support, joining together each week of the New Moon for a 4 moon cycle.


This will be different to the other regular seasonal circles that I hold, as we will have specific practices that we will do each time we meet, these will be;

First New Moon - Getting to know each other, setting our intentions for our journey together and ending our session with a relaxing sound healing.

Second New Moon - Finding our soul code. This is a vital part of creating the life we want, coming away from ego and wounding and getting clear on who we are on a soul level. We will journal to find our authenticity and then fall into a deep guided meditation to discover more. We will also start to look at possible blocks that could be stopping you getting to where you want to be.

Third New Moon - Bringing your SOUL to life. We will create a vision of our souls, getting creative, lead by our intuition and becoming playful, all whilst connecting with each other a the same time. 

Closing New Moon - Taking Action. We will look at what action is needed in order to move forward with what we want. We will create some action points for you to take away. We will share about our journey together and end with a sound healing. 

Each circle will have some time for a short sharing and possibly a short gong bath. We will always do a guided meditation as part of the session. 

We will also check in via our WhatsApp group on the Full Moons and we will share what it is we need to release and let go to move further towards what we want. The WhatsApp group will be a place where we can connect outside of the circle, encourage, motivate and keep one another accountable for our practices. 

“The moon doesn’t consider one phase better than another; she just glows, equally stunning at each turn. Why should we be any different?” 

~ Cristen Rodgers ~


We will be a closed community of 8 women, 9 including myself. We will meet the week of each New Moon. This is a CLOSED circle, to build trust, connection, community and to feel safe to go deeper. We will be together for the period of the 4 New Moons.

WOMEN OF THE MOON - 19:00 - 21:00 in STROUD

Wednesday 4th September

Wednesday 2nd October

Wednesday 30th October

Wednesday 27th November - Closing Circle


​Of course life happens and if you cannot attend one circle that is absolutely fine but commitment to the circle is important, as is taking part in our exchanges via WhatsApp, for support, encouragement and community. 


It’s of high importance that when attending this circle and our time together, that everything spoken about is kept within the circle. Sharing with each other in complete confidence and having the ability to trust each other is a beautiful thing and can be so powerful and healing, but the breaking of that trust can be damaging, so let’s keep our sisterhood completely sacred in that way.

"I can safely say that WoTM was one the best experiences I’ve ever had and has helped me so much on my path to self discovery and healing. You have such a welcoming, patient and calming presence that made the whole space feel magical. It was wonderful to meet the other women in the series and learn from people at different stages in their life and personal journeys. Just 10/10 would absolutely recommend and I can’t wait to do the next series with you over the summer. Thank you so much for holding space for us x"

~ Victoria ~

Energy Exchange This will be a £70 energy exchange. I do ask for the full payment upfront (non-refundable & incl. admin fee). If you cancel 2 weeks before the first circle you will receive a full refund. You will also receive a refund if your place can be filled by someone waiting for a space

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