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'The retreat was everything and more, it gave me that safe place to speak from the heart, I felt at one with everyone & that a huge arm was put around me and I could feel that squeeze that softly said 'let go... it's ok.'
~ J ~

Soulstice Day Retreat
In StrouD


Saturday 29th June 2024
10am - 4pm



The Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year, a time when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky, radiating its potent energy upon the earth. This celestial event has been revered by cultures around the world for millennia, symbolising a time of abundance, growth, and vitality.

Honouring the Summer Solstice allows us to align with the rhythms of nature and tap into the profound wisdom of our ancestors, who recognised this time as an opportunity for spiritual renewal and inner transformation. By honouring the solstice, we honour the cycles of life, death, and rebirth, acknowledging our interconnectedness with the natural world and the eternal dance of creation.

As we come together in sisterhood to celebrate the Summer Solstice, let us open our hearts to the abundant blessings of the sun, allowing its radiant light to illuminate our path and guide us on our journey of self-discovery and soulful connection.

We will take part in a few different practices to really tune in with our SOULS. Taking time to be quiet, to peel back the layers, meditating, sharing, breathing, being in nature, drinking tea and gathering around a fire, ending the day with a burning ritual as we move into the next part of the year.

As with all the spaces I hold you can take part in everything or nothing, whatever feels good and nourishes YOU is what’s important.

The day will include;

~ A welcome circle: We will begin our day by forming a sacred circle, creating a safe and nurturing space for you to share your intentions and aspirations for the day ahead.

~ A gentle Breathwork practice, quietening the busy mind, releasing tensions and feeling your life force.

~ Guided Meditation & time for silence, allowing you to tune in and become still enough to hear the quiet voice within.

~ Bring your own lunch to enjoy together, hopefully outside in the sunshine!

~ A beautiful walk in nature to move our bodies, ground and be in the light. 

~ A rejuvenating gong bath session, where the harmonious vibrations will wash away tension, leaving you feeling refreshed, renewed, and deeply restored.


~  Ending the day gathering around the flickering flames of a fire, to release burdens, ignite intentions, and embrace the transformative power of the fire within.

Tea will be provided.

Please bring;

~ A journal/notebook and pen

~ Water bottle

~ A lunch of your choice.

Anything else you wish to bring for your comfort. 

The energy exchange for this is by donation, there is an initial non-refundable £10 booking fee to confirm your space and then I will email you with the details to make your donation.

There are only 8 spaces. 

I cannot wait to be with you and connect for a full day!

Much love and blessings,

Lauren xxx

REFUNDS - Because this is by donation there is a no refund policy.

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