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W O M E N'S  C I R C L E S

A space to connect to our inner nature, to share our joys and worries and to be completely as we are.

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"When winter comes to a woman’s soul, she withdraws into her inner self, her deepest spaces.
She refuses all connection, refutes all arguments that she should engage in the world.
She may say she is resting, but she is more than resting: She is creating a new universe within herself, examining and breaking old patterns, destroying what should not be revived, feeding in secret what needs to thrive.
Winter women are those who bring into the next cycle what should be saved.
They are the deep conservators of knowledge and power.
Not for nothing did ancient peoples honour the grandmother.
In her calm deliberateness, she winters over our truth, she freezes out false-heartedness.
Look into her eyes, this winter woman.
In their gray spaciousness you can see the future.
Look out of your own winter eyes… You too can see the future.”
~Patricia Monaghan ~

Sisters, mothers, girlfriends, wives, maidens, daughters and grandmothers... I invite you to join me in circle, to drink tea, to share our worries and joys, to meditate, to sing and at times, to delve deep within and work through our challenges together. The circles also include a short healing gong bath at the end.


This women's circle will be a 12ish week journey/five circles together. 

As we traverse the seasons of nature we will also traverse the seasons within ourselves. Each circle will reflect this and be in tune with the cyclical energies that we experience.


This is a time of great stillness, a time of turning inward, a time of rest. This is the time of the Dark Mother, a time when anything is possible. Just like the sun that is reborn at the Winter Solstice, new possibilities are born within us at this time of year.

If you want to change something in your life, now is a good time to work on it. The Dark Mother, Giver of Gifts, inspiring us to give gifts to those we love and providing us gifts in the form of new ideas and new inspirations.

Winter is a time of endings and then, new beginnings. Soon we will begin to reawaken & we’ll begin looking forward to the projects & plans we’ll bring to fruition over the growing months to come.

But first we will have to go through a time of initiations. Facing challenges & being tested and leaving what is comfortable in order to grow more fully into ourselves.

WINTER THEMES that we will explore;


• Rest - Our relationship with rest and the importance of it for our wellbeing.


• Dreaming - Dreaming into reality and how our dreams can show us what is delving deep within.


• Exploring your shadows - Looking at the parts of ourselves that we don't like to see and how we can learn from them.


• Embracing your Divine Feminine - Tuning in with the divine within and feeling into how we can conjure more of her in our lives, allowing our intuition to shine forth.


• Reaching the end & fresh beginnings - As we start to move out of winter, we honour what has been and start to look at what could be.


• Tiny buds of new life stirring deep within - How we can begin to manifest our hearts desires.


WINTER CIRCLE DATES - 19:00 - 20:30

- 18th January

- 1st February

- 15th February

- 29th February

- 14th March

This will be a closed, cosy circle of 8 women (including myself), to allow us to build trust and to know that for that season we will be held. Of course life happens and if you cannot attend one week that is absolutely fine. I will also set up a Whatsapp group for our circle so we can continue to support one another when needed.

This will be a £37.50 energy exchange/£7.50 per circle. 

The circles will be held in Stroud and the location will be given to you the week before the circle or you can contact me if you'd like to know beforehand.


It’s of high importance that when attending this circle that everything spoken about is kept within the circle. Sharing with each other in complete confidence and having the ability to trust each other is a beautiful thing and can be so powerful and healing, but the breaking of that trust can be damaging, so let’s keep our sisterhood completely sacred in that way.


We will have an altar so please bring something special you would like to add to it each time you attend.


I look forward to meeting you all, as you are.


Much love,
Lauren xxx

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