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About me


Hello Lovely

I’m Lauren, a thirty something mum to a 4 year old daughter based in Stroud, UK. It’s like a re-birth having a child, you completely lose who you were and feel like a baby yourself in a whole new world and then you slowly begin putting pieces of yourself back together and that’s where I’m at.

I’ve always known and always have been in roles of service and as I’ve prayed and asked for guidance my role as a space holder for women felt clear. To help women flow through life with ease and grace as I attempt to do the same, that's what She Flows is about. 


From all the training I have done, I’ve come full circle, creating circles of connection and support and empower women through modalities like women’s circles, to share and be heard, mini retreats, for well needed rest and relaxation and Women's Day Retreats to bring us back home to ourselves and our true nature.


I hope I can serve the sisters of this Earth that find me here because from my heart I’ll see you and hold you, exactly as you are.

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