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Motherhood Diaries

'It Takes A Village to raise a child'
~ African Proverb

I’ve been reflecting a lot about community and how so very important it is to me in life. With having to move from Cornwall it’s become clear that I don’t want to move somewhere that doesn’t have a strong community connection because I have realised the value and beauty in everything community offers us, especially as mothers.

Alara and I regularly go to the local community centre here in Falmouth, we’re there every Wednesday and so last Wednesday off we went as usual. I could have cried (I am now crying) at the thought of leaving this town and especially leaving the people who we’ve met through making an effort to get involved in what is offered to us on our doorstep.

Every week we pretty much see the same people, the same few mums at the toy library with their children, all of whom are so wonderful to talk to, so kind and so open hearted. Just last week we were discussing potty training and in that we were able to really help each other with ways to move forward, instantly removing stresses for one another. We see the same lovely women who run the Toy Library, who welcome us with massive smiles each week. After we’ve played for a while we then go into the cafe for lunch. Jenny, who runs it, cooks the most amazing food and I always, always feel I’m being completely cared for and looked after by her, be that just the fact I’m getting to eat something I haven’t had to cook, or think about, or being able to ask to pay next week as I’m carrying Alara out screaming because she doesn’t want to leave.

Another lovely woman, Claire, who works there is always there to support everyone and to talk to if you need to, again, just having the knowledge that she’s there as a support is so sacred. We also see an older couple and another elderly gentleman, who all come each Wednesday for one is Jenny’s lovely meals.

Its the familiarity of seeing the same faces each time we go. The sense of security that no matter what you’re going through you’ll likely see those same lovely people and connect in some way with them. Not just that, the mums there all just want to offer support. Today I was trying to eat my lunch and Alara wanted to be in the Toy Library, so a lovely friend I’ve made offered to watch Alara whilst she played and just being able to have that time to eat, knowing Alara was safe and happy was so special. Being able to be in a place where you can give and receive such loving kindness is so very needed in every single town. This is what it is to have a village around you, THIS feeling I have is that, the elders, the carers, the mothers, the fathers, the children, all in the same space, all checking in with each other, making sure everyone is well, even if that’s just an exchange of a hello or a smile. I can’t tell you what it means to me to have a space like this and I hope so much when we move that we will find somewhere similar. If not, maybe I’ll just create one!

What does community mean to you? How does it show up in your life?

Much love and blessings,

Lauren xxx

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