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From Hibernation to Awakening

"Your time has come, now hasten little snowflakes. To vanish quite away; The spring-tide hours are sounding gentle warnings, forbidding you to stay." ~ M.E. Hathaway ~

Winter is the time when we are more still, listening closely to the whispers of our souls, resting (when we allow ourselves to) and connecting to the darker parts of ourselves, working to bring them into the light and our wholeness. We are not quite in Spring but we are so close we can almost touch it, especially on the days when the sun shines bright and we can feel its warmth.

In our latest circle we shared what we want to awaken within us. It's so important to remember that you don't need to be doing something BIG all the time. I feel we can easily feel like we are supposed to be achieving a lot and actually that isn't the case, our awakening can be a small change within, a new habit we want to create or a small goal we want to set, it doesn't need to be life changing, although the simple things can have the biggest impact.

For me, I am still very much in hibernation mode. I love being at home, playing with Alara, sweeping, cleaning, being devotional, playing music and spending time watching the birds on the feeder. I can get lost in this, right now I can see five sparrows flitting from one branch to another outside my kitchen window and the beauty of it captures me, the ease of nature and it's habitual ways of being that are also constantly shifting to meet the changes that occur. Everything flows, everything in nature just surrenders, it just is and that is what I want to awaken more of within myself. To just flow with my life, to move with the currents and to ultimately be in a puddle of surrender at the feet of God, so I can serve however it is I am meant to.

I am also awakening so much more to my truest expression of self, being a Babaji devotee and playing music regularly for over a year now has brought out a part of me I didn't even know was there, well, I did, but I didn't feel able to be this self, I needed to breathe life into it and allow it to evolve in it's own way, without pushing or trying to BE anything in particular, to really just let my intuition guide me so I could become more in tune with my soul. I am so at peace and content within, most of the time, when I am listening, when I am being present and allowing the surrender to take hold, this is my practice, my awakening, surrendering to what is and accepting that. I can try and control life but what is that doing for me really?

Reflect on what you want to awaken within you. What do you want to bring forth into the next season, to allow to bloom. What do you want to BREATHE new life into? Is your heart asking you to pay attention to a part of yourself that you may not have allowed to be expressed before? It could be your confidence, your creativity, your sex life, how you relate to your body, your life's purpose... ANYTHING! Whatever it is, it is yours and you can lay the foundations to allow it to SPRING forth.

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