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Connecting to your divine feminine

"You are a wild priestess with a courageous divine feminine heart and the spirit of wise ancients within. Never let anyone tame you. Stay free."
~ Ara ~

The divine feminine represents higher self-wisdom, inner clarity, strength, and self-trust. She understands that, on the superconscious level, she has access to all the insight she needs to govern any situation and isn't that the magic? Being able to tune in at any given moment and just know what you need to do.

Our Divine Feminine is always within us, a force not seen but felt, the same as the divine masculine and we need both of these energies to be balanced within us in order to live in our power. The thing is, we live in a masculine dominated world of do, do, do, produce, produce, produce and this disconnects us from the feminine who allows us to REST (there it is again), CREATE, INTUIT, REFLECT, ACCEPT and live from our hearts.

In our women's circles she was present in full force, I usually plan a little bit for the circles but in honour of the divine feminine, I didn't. I allowed myself to fully drop into the flow of the evening and it felt SO GOOD! We talked about what it is to be a woman, what our sex lives are like, what we want more of and how can we get to that space. It became so clear, and this is something we already know, that our society pushes and pulls and tells us how things are but things are not like that. The truth of it all lies within us and when we begin to create satsang and share with one another, we get closer to our truth, closer to the divine feminine.

For me, she shows up in my softness, in my gentle heart, my ability to be empowered and to surrender at the same time. I've had a situation recently where I have felt such a strong sense of knowing and I have wanted to push it forward but actually that isn't how we create what we want in life, it's only when we surrender to what is whilst remaining strong in our alignment do we begin to show the universe we are ready. It's when we are in love with life, when we are seeing the divine in everything around us, every situation, that we allow life to open up the doors of opportunity.

Spend some time REFLECTING on your divine feminine and the wisdom she holds for you. Can you CREATE some time for more REST, to LISTEN to your INTUITION and find out what you need, to become a more whole version of yourself?

If you would also like a meditation to do that enhances this connection to the divine feminine then I highly recommend the Adi Shakti meditation from the Kundalini Yoga lineage. It is beautiful and wow do you feel the benefits from a consistent practice. Enjoy my loves.

Much love and blessings,

Lauren xxx

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